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NxDotnet Build

Builds an app via the dotnet cli command.



  • (string): Compiles for a specific framework. The framework must be defined in the project file


  • (number): Sets the value of the $(VersionSuffix) property to use when building the project. This only works if the $(Version) property isn't set. Then, $(Version) is set to the $(VersionPrefix) combined with the $(VersionSuffix), separated by a dash.


  • (string): Defines the build configuration. The default for most projects is Debug, but you can override the build configuration settings in your project


  • (boolean): Forces all dependencies to be resolved even if the last restore was successful. Specifying this flag is the same as deleting the project.assets.json file.


  • (boolean): Ignores project-to-project (P2P) references and only builds the specified root project.


  • (boolean): Marks the build as unsafe for incremental build. This flag turns off incremental compilation and forces a clean rebuild of the project's dependency graph.


  • (boolean): Doesn't execute an implicit restore during build.
  • (boolean): Doesn't display the startup banner or the copyright message. Available since .NET Core 3.0 SDK.


  • (string): Directory in which to place the built binaries. If not specified, the default path is ./bin/<configuration>/<framework>/. For projects with multiple target frameworks (via the TargetFrameworks property), you also need to define --framework when you specify this option.


  • (string):